Dog Boarding Facilities Near Me

Dog boarding is the act of keeping your dogs in the care of someone most likely a professional while you are away. There are two basic types; the traditional boarding and the in-home boarding. The traditional boarding involves you taking your dog to a boarding kennel which is mostly a public organization. They put your dog in a kennel until you return. The in-home boarding involves you as the dog owner taking your dog to a pet sitter’s home while you travel. In-home boarding is a very good way of keeping your dog safe. Dogs are pack animals and can socialize unlike cats that are mostly solitary animals. Due to this, getting a good dog boarding facility near you is essential to aid accessibility. This will help familiarize you with the environment so you can check if it is conducive enough for your dog.

Elite Pet Watchers is a very good example of a home that offers dog boarding services. We have a very comfortable home with a spacious environment which ensures the safety of your dog. Also, we advise dog owners to keep their dogs in the home of a pet sitter. This is because many pet owners are scared of giving their home keys to pet sitters due to security reasons. At Elite Pet Watchers, we respect the wishes of our clients and follow their instructions about their dogs. At our home, your dog will get to meet other dogs. Our spacious playground affords dogs the opportunity to run around and this makes them happy. This is the kind of atmosphere they need while you are away so they don’t feel neglected. We have different games that your dog can be involved in which will keep it occupied till you return.

Unlike traditional dog boarding facilities where they lock dogs in the kennel, we allow your dog move freely. Your four legged family member is free to play on our couches, enter our bedroom, and engage in pillow fights. This is just a tip of the iceberg as we have a lot of fun activities packaged for your pet. Once your dog establishes a relationship with our sitters, it will surely be looking forward to coming back. It will picture Elite Pet Watchers as a home away from home and would be looking forward to a vacation. All these fun and excitement are what your dog needs and they are very affordable. Elite Pet Watchers are the best when it comes to pet care.