Doggy daycare in Palm Harbor

The bond between man and dogs have grown over the years and as such, dogs are now seen as part of the family. Due to their busy schedules, pet owners do not have enough time to spend with their dogs. This has deprived many dogs of the much required love, care and attention that they need. Many dog owners wish their dogs could be given attention while they are away at work. Some others wish they could travel with the assurance that their dogs are being cared for. At Elite Pet Watchers, we have the solution to your dog care problems. In a conducive and well ventilated home, we provide the perfect love, care and attention your dog needs to stay healthy. Whatever the special needs your canine requires to feel at home, we have just the right settings. And you can rest assured that your dog is in safe hands. People are ignorant of the many benefits they can get from keeping their dogs at daycare centers. Due to this, some dog owners prefer to kennel their dogs and this is not advisable.

At Elite Pet Watchers, we provide your furry darlings with couches to relax and play on. Comfy beds to sleep on, relax and even have pillow fights like they do with their owners. Your dogs are sure to have the best time of their lives under our watchful eyes. We accept dogs of all sizes and as such make provision for them to ensure their safety as well as comfort. For canines with special diets and/or medications, just inform us and they’ll get the exact treatment they need.

You can drop off your dogs at our daycare while you go on a business trip or a vacation. We will care for them till you get back. Looking for the perfect place for your dog to meet new friends or just playmates? Elite Pet Watchers is your best bet as we provide a meeting point for your dogs. Also we have a safe and spacious play area where your dogs can socialize and burn off some fat. Dogs need to run around and meet new friends and we have the perfect setting for such meetings. We ensure that your canines meet other dogs of their size and this brings out the best in these dogs. Do not deprive your dog of the love and care it needs; therefore pay us a visit and you will be glad you did.

We serve all of Dunedin and Palm Harbor so call us today to schedule a meet and greet!