Pet Care While On Vacation


Pets are wonderful creatures who love walks and cuddles. Owners of dogs feel compelled to find the best place for their pooch before embarking on a vacation. The reason is because dogs are very sensitive about the environment they reside in. With a strange environment which is alien, your dog can have reactions. A more severe case is your fur ball falling sick. Dogs don’t get used to new faces easily and for this reason, you have to get a good location. With Elite Pet Watchers around the corner, you can put your mind at rest. The reason is because you don’t have to bother about pet care while on vacation. We are here for your pooch at all times.

Over thirty million owners of pets know about kennels. Despite the knowlegde that pet owners have about kennels, they prefer pet sitting. Pet sitting has tremendous benefits which outweigh what a kennel will give you. We can assure you of good companionship when your four legged family is in our care. We love dogs and for this reason, we have decided to use our home. For over four years, we have been running it. With our ERP trained staff, your dog will get the first class comfort it deserves.

Everyone who comes with his pooch leaves satisfied. There are situations where you go on vacations and have an extended period. This way, you won’t be able to return when expected. We are always ready and willing to take care of your dog during emergencies. We are very much accommodating and understanding.

During vacations, there is a high tendency of lodging in hotels. This can be challenging as most hotels do not allow pets. In a situation such as this, we will take good care of your pooch. We are ready to send you up to date pictures of your pet from wherever you are. This way, your mind will be at rest while on vacation.

Make the most challenging and beneficial decision for your dog by patronizing us. You can be sure of a thirty minutes walk on a daily basis for your pet. This is to ensure its agility and vibrance. Elite Pet Watchers are your best bet for a better pet. We love pets of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Your dog will have a splendid experience while you are on vacation. We are watchers and not butchers. Get the offer while it lasts. Be the first to enjoy the best.