Someone To Walk Your Dog While Working

With the passage of time, people have discovered inventive ways to take care of their dogs while at work. This has been made possible with the introduction of kennels. Kennels have been in existence for a long time. Other pet owners have decided to leave their dogs with a neighbor before going to work. The two decisions of either a kennel or a neighbor are not the best. This is because, a kennel does not give your pet the right attention it needs. Also, your neighbor may not be a lover of dogs or better still, has a phobia for them. In order not to turn down your offer, such neighbor may give a reluctant nod. At this point, your dog will suffer. In order to avoid this, you need someone to walk your dog while working.


Elite pet watchers has been in existence for over four years. The ideology behind these pet lovers is to care for your dog in the best way possible. With the kind of service we offer you, you won’t be able to reject the offer. We ensure that your dog has at least a walk of about thirty minutes anytime it is with us. This is to ensure its agility and vibrance. With the kind of dog food which is in circulation, your dog needs to be walked on a daily basis. If this is not possible because of your busy schedule, we are here to save you the stress. Our rates are highly affordable and not outrageous. With this in mind, ensure that you give us a call today.

Dog feed, of recent, has been modified in the sense that, it has more nutrients. This implies that with an inactive dog, it will become obese. Obesity can bring about heart complications for your dog. This can be avoided even while you are at work. All you need to do is draw our attention. We are always available for a pick up, as well as, a drop off at any time. But this is within a radius of five miles. If it is beyond five miles, we will give you a reasonable rate which is negotiable.

While at work, you can be sure of receiving tons of pictures on how your dog is faring. This service is totally free. This is how we show you that we care. Pet sitting has done a good job and we aim to further this policy. Elite Pet Watchers will give your dog the best time of its life while at work. Give us a chance today and we promise not to disappoint.